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Curtlink URL shortener is a powerful tool to shorten link. Use our Link Shortener to shorten a long URL and generate a short link. You dont need an account. If you need a custom url shortener and follow the analysis of your links, create your free account now on the link below and access our panel. Shorten links from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube e Whatsapp.

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Perfect for shortening long links

Shorten custom links and branded links.

Custom brand domain

Do you need a tool that allows you to create biolink pages, shorten links, but also preserve and represent your brand? curtlink.com gives you that opportunity. Use your branded domain, make your links recognizable.

Advanced Statistics and Analytics

Daily analytics, referrers, countries, operating systems, languages ​​and more. You can even track all pixel clicks to get high quality data for retargeting and low cost ads. Perfect for Marketing and Online Sales.

Custom Links

No need to shorten links with random letters and numbers, create your links with easy-to-remember custom words. Customize your links with your branding domain and custom aliases. Optimize your Marketing Strategy.


Your links with your brand

Shorten custom links with your own domain. Short links with your brand, gives more confidence to the user, increasing your click rate by more than 35% and even helps in your brand recognition.

links de marca

Know your audience and keep or control your links.

Bio Link

Do everything with just one link

Create beautiful bio link pages and add lots of links. Share your most important links on your social media profiles like Instagram and TikTok. Drive traffic and increase sales online. Your bio link page takes visitors beyond your profile to anywhere else on the web with just one link.

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Create your Public Profile

All your important links in one link.

Powerful tools that work

Generate Dynamic and Colorful QR Codes.

QR code generator
Customizable QR Codes

Create beautiful dynamic and customizable QR Codes for your marketing campaigns. In addition to the black and white version, you can create colorful and custom QR Codes to match your brand.

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Advanced Stats
Monitor all your links

Monitor all short links, Bio link and their QR Codes. Our system lets you keep track of everything. See daily analytics, referrers, countries, operating systems, languages ​​and more. And you can also track all pixel clicks to get high-quality data for retargeting and low-cost ads for your business and projects.

  • Device tracking
  • Types of Operating Systems
  • Country and City Analysis
Powerful tools that work

Know your audience, analyze the performance of your links.

Enable all your links

Custom Links

No need to shorten links with random letters, create your links with easy-to-remember custom words. By default we generate a unique URL. But, you can put a text and share the word of your choice, giving more confidence to your customers.

Brand domain

Shorten your links with your own custom domain and increase your clickthrough rate by over 35%. If you have your branded domain, you can add it to your account, instilling confidence in your users that they are aware of the links they are clicking.

Pixel tracking

Pixel Tracking is a conversion tracking tool that allows you to collect data about your customers and how they behave on your website. Add your custom pixel from providers like Facebook and track each event.

Team Members

With a single account you can assemble a team and determine what each user can do. Give them specific privileges to manage links, packages, pages and other resources. This gives you full control over what your team can and cannot do.

Custom Page

Create a custom landing page to promote your product or service and engage the user in your marketing campaign. You can create unlimited custom pages.

API Developer

Use our robust API to build custom apps or extend your own app with our powerful tools, very easily, all very well explained in the documentation.


Easily integrates with your favorite retargeting platforms.